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About me

Blogging is not writing. its graffiti with punctuation. The whole idea behind this blog is to keep technical graffiti in front of my eyes, handy and precise without scrolling to those impotent websites on google to fix any issue. Specially when you are scuffling with production systems and looking for a fix or wanted to experience a new technology in your sand box, this blog is the right place for you.

"I am an eminent professional with an resolute approach, have experience working in domains like pharmaceutical, financial & telecom and here to share my technical expertise in various middleware and integrated technologies."

I started writing this blog when I begun my carrier back in 2k11, I am not pro but enthusiast to learn new technologies coming into industry, I start looking around and try to test in my sand box and keep posting as I succeed.

I always try to keep things straight forward and simple, as soon as I encounter any technical issue in my day to day work, I look for a solution and post it here for my fellows..

Visit this blog regularly to have latest updates on upcoming and highly used technologies in IT-infrastructure.

keep reading there is lot more to come...

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