11 May 2018

CLI instruction to work with git

For those who are still struggling with commit and updating their codes or got bored with SVN due to its tedious branching and complicated merging model, Git is the best practice with branches to a certain commit. Git allows you to create, delete, and change a branch anytime without affecting the commits. it works on the principle of Distributed version control

go to https://github.com/new ( provided you have a git account)

start setting up your git repository 
# Git global setup
$ git config --global user.name "punitporwal07" $ git config --global user.email "punitporwal07@gmail.com"

# Create a new repository
$ git clone https://gitlab.com/punitporwal/repo.git
$ cd repo
$ touch README.md
$ git add README.md
$ git commit -m "add README"
$ git push -u origin master

# Push an existing folder
$ cd existing_folder
$ git init    // Initialize the local directory as a Git repository.
$ git remote add origin https://gitlab.com/punitporwal/repo.git
$ git add .   // Add files in local repository and stages them for commit. 
                 To unstage a file, use 'git reset HEAD YOUR-FILE'.
$ git config --global user.email "punitporwal07@gmail.com"
$ git config --global user.name punitporwal07
$ git remote -v  // verifies the remote URL
$ git commit -m "Initial commit"
$ git push -u origin master

# Push an existing Git repository $ cd existing_repo $ git remote rename origin old-origin $ git remote add origin https://gitlab.com/punitporwal/repo.git $ git push -u origin --all $ git push -u origin --tags

    sample showing push to git

Distributed version control mechanism

known issue

Git push error pre-receive hook declined
[remote rejected] master -> master (pre-receive hook declined)

GitLab by default marks master branch as protected (See Protecting your code /why). 

Open your project > Settings > Repository and go to "Protected branches", find "master" branch into the list and click "Unprotect" and try again.

For version 8.11 and above : how to protect

Generating your personal access token

navigate to git profile > settings > Developer settings > Personal access tokens > Generate new token  New personal access token  "nameit"  select scope Generate token 
copy token value

use this token at any place where needed

for example in openshift:
$ oc create secret generic git-secret \
--from-literal=username=punitporwal07 \


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