24 February 2018


Primary Objective
To get the changes into live as quickly as possible while minimizing the risks in software quality assurance and compliance.

What are the top DevOps tools?
- Git
- Jenkins
- Ansible/Chef/Puppet
- Selenium
- Nagios
- Docker

How do DevOps tools work together ?
In an organisation where everything gets automated for seamless delivery the generic logical flow can be:
  1. Developers develop the code and the source code is managed by Version Control System tool like Git, then developers send this code to git repository and any changes made in the code is committed to this repository.
  2. Then Jenkins pull this code from the repository using the git plugin and build it using tools like Ant or Maven.
  3. Configuration management tool like Ansible/Puppet deploys this code & provision testing env. and then jenkins releases this code on the test env. on which testing is done using tools like selenium
  4. Once the code is tested, Jenkins send it for deployment on the production server (even production server is provisioned & maintained by tools like Ansible/Puppet)
  5. After deployment it is continuously monitored by tool like Nagios.
  6. Docker containers provide quick environment to test the build features. 


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