16 February 2018

Configuring weblogic deployer plugin in Jenkins

Configure the weblogic deployer plugin to Deploy an war/ear  on weblogic managed  server
- Install the plugin (from manage Jenkins -> manage plugins -> available -> download & install)
- restart the Jenkins for changes to take reflect
- go to manage Jenkins
- go to configure systems
- scroll down to weblogic deployment plugins
- give details as below:-                                 
        - additional path: /software/bea/jenkins/wlfullclient.jar (path to you wlfullclient.jar file, weblogic.jar is deprecated now and Oracle recommends to use wlfullclient.jar from 10.3 onwards, this jar can be created from $WL_HOME/wl_server10.3/servers/lib/java -jar wljarbuilder.jar for more check Oracle Doc on this.)
        - configuration file: /software/bea/jenkins/configuration.xml (path to your configuation.xml file)
        - apply/save
- sample configuration.xml file is as below
modify the highlighted tags as per your local configuration

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