01 June 2015

Renewing SSL on iPlanet

Cert renewal in iPlanet

listing all the certificate in keystore:
find . -name certutil
/certutil -L -d /Instance_path/ -P instance_name

listing the details of Server-Cert
/certutil -L -n Server-Cert -d /instance-name/ -P instance-name-

Generating a CSR & output it to the file serverCert.req
/certutil -R -s "CN=abc.com,OU=IT, O=CTS, l=Bangalore, st=karnataka, c=IN" -o /instance_path/serverCert.req -a -d /instance_path/ -P instance -g 2048

Deleting the existing cert with name Server-Cert
/certutil -D -n Server-Cert -d /Instance-Name/ -P instance-name-

Import the cert
/certutil -A -n Server-Cert -t "u,u,u" -i /instance-path/instance.pem -d /instance-name -P https-instance

copy certificate to alias Directory
cp instance-cert8.db & cp instance-key8.db

recycle the instance

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